The First Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine in the World


Karl Benz obtained the first true combustion engine patent in 1896.

The First Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine in the World, In automobiles (Porsche, Volkswagen Beetle), motorbikes (Honda Goldwing and BMW), and airplanes (Lycoming and Continental), boxer engines with horizontal, opposed pistons and flat floors have been and are being utilized. Japanese Automobile Manufacturer Subaru with a boxer motor The most seasoned maker is carrying on the custom, and they think it’s time to start building Boxer Turbo Diesel engines going forward.

The First Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine in the World


The First Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine in the World, At the Paris Motor Show on September 29, 2006, Hiroyuki Ikeda delivered the lone unexpected statement. It was stated on March 6 during the 77th International Genoa Motor Show that the world’s first Boxer Diesel Engine would be unveiled at the Subaru Booth. Early in the next year, the Legacy, Outback, Forester, and Impreza might all use this engine.

This vehicle requires a single unit with a massive volume, and the most crucial fact is that this vehicle is fairly little on the market, thus it has been demonstrated that we will likely not be able to see this small engine in the Tribeca 44 model.

diesel boxer 12801.jpg

* The first Boxer Diesel Engine from Subaru.

* In 2008, Legacy, Forester, and Impreza models may use it.

* At 167 HP (1 bhp = 745 watts) British horse power.

1 horsepower is equal to 736 watts.

* One 2.0 liter engine producing 372 kg/m of torque.

Subaru EE20 Engine 5 Speed Manual Trans Turbo Diesel Forester XT Euro 6 - | SUNSHINE STATE JDM Inc.

My very first name was mentioned.

The First Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine in the World, Subaru Europe President Hiroyuki Ikeda issued the following statement: “The 2.0 liter Boxer diesel engine has four cylinders set up horizontally and in opposition to one another. Vibrations won’t happen when one of the pistons is propelled forward because the other piston does the same thing.

The engine’s relatively low vibration and silent operation provide the easiest explanation for this.

Because of its small size, strong strength, and low center of gravity, it is stable and has a large capacity for consumption. expressed.

“We hope that our vehicle sales in Europe will reach 100,000 by 2010,” says Kyoji Takenaka, chairman of Fuji Heavy. “They sold 64,000 vehicles in 2006, and they believe that the diesel engine will play a huge role in this growth. However, they are aware that this is not the only dream with the advent of diesel-powered vehicles into the era.

The most noticeable variations between Subaru’s diesel engine and its well-known gasoline Boxer brethren are;

* The capacity to produce a high level of effort

* Provides high traction power at low rpm.

Of fact, the 2.0lt unit may initially seem modest based on the Subaru engine range.

Units of various volumes may be created for this.

For instance, 2.2 to 3.0 liters.

The and 2.2lt diesel engines will undoubtedly be utilized in the Legacy model, and if it comes to pass, the 3.0lt diesel engine will be used in the Tribeca SUV, according to some reports.



Due to this, it is unknown when Subaru’s new diesel models will be available in Turkey; nonetheless, based on publications, it is anticipated that 40% of the new cars sold in Europe would feature a diesel engine.

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