What is Adjarian Autonomous Republic? Where is it?

One of the most interesting countries today is undoubtedly the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria. The Autonomous Republic of Adjaria, which has many interesting features, naturally attracts people’s attention with its different qualities. So what is this country and where is it located? If you wish, let us present the curious information about the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria.

What is Adjarian Autonomous Republic?

Adjarian Autonomous Republic is a country located in the southwestern part of Georgia. Adjarian Autonomous Republic, whose administrative center is Batumi, is also located in the northeastern part of our country.

Adjarian Autonomous Republic, which was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for a while in history, was established in 1921 as the Adjara Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, but it took its current name with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the declaration of independence of the Georgian country.

Where is Adjarian Autonomous Republic?

As we mentioned above, the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria is located in the southwestern part of Georgia. However, it is dependent on the central government of Georgia. The Autonomous Republic of Adjaria is also very similar to our country in terms of history, religion and culture.

Although the country’s industry is not yet developed, it has developed quite a lot in many ways.

What are the Similarities Between Adjarian Autonomous Republic And Georgia?

There are many similarities between Adjarian Autonomous Republic and Georgia. Here are the similarities between these two countries.

They have the same cultural characteristics.
Everyday life styles are almost the same.
They have the same distance as other countries.

The Autonomous Republic of Adjaria is, in a way, the offspring of Georgia. Therefore, these two countries are inseparable from each other. In our article, we presented information about the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria. We hope we have been helpful in this regard.

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