What is Albast and what disease is it?

Pregnant women today have healthy births in clean hospital settings with conscious hands. Despite the importance placed on hygiene, a disease manifesting as fever occurs in women a few days after birth as a result of the use of non-sterile instruments in some hospitals and delivery rooms or contamination from the environment. Postpartum fever, also known as Albasti, is a serious condition that should be taken seriously. The question of what Albasti is and what kind of disease it is should be answered at this point. Albast is a potentially fatal bacterial infection. Small red spots can be seen on the puerperant’s skin. This is why the infection was given the name Albast. Inflammation occurs in the postpartum woman’s reproductive tract and, occasionally, in the urinary tract due to bacterial growth. There are some early symptoms of this disease that necessitate medical attention and treatment.

Early Signs and Symptoms

The first signs of postpartum fever are chills, an accelerated pulse, feeling weak and exhausted, increased vaginal discharge, and a bad odor, which is a sign of inflammation. The inflammation is located within the mother’s womb. It spreads from here to nearby tissues. If treatment is not started as soon as possible, or if it is discovered too late, the infection will spread to the peritoneum and blood, causing more serious problems. In addition, the veins in the woman’s feet may become inflamed, and clots may form. If a clot forms, it can have serious consequences, including death. As a result, it is critical that the woman be treated as soon as possible.

Symptoms of the Advanced Stage

High fever that lasts, tremors, conscious fluctuations, diarrhea, and convulsions.

During the birth, the environment must be extremely sterile, and personal hygiene and doctor controls must be excellent.

How Is It Handled?

After we have explained what Albast is and what type of disease it is, it is necessary to discuss its treatment briefly. The patient can be treated by moving him or her to a separate room, starting antibiotics, and, if necessary, giving blood.

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