Who exactly is Albert Camus?

French Nobel laureate, journalist, and philosopher. He was born in Algeria on November 7, 1913. He had to leave his philosophy studies at the University of Algeria unfinished due to tuberculosis, and he could only finish his university education in 1936. Camus, who was a pacifist during the early years of World War II and was influential during his lifetime, became famous with his novel The Stranger, which he wrote in 1941, and his essay The Myth of Sisyphus, which he wrote in 1943. Camus, who was influential in the formation of his absurd philosophy, which carries traces of Existentialist philosophy, published “The Man Who Revolts” in 1949, after these complementary works were published in 1942. After this work, which strained his relationship with his close friend Sartre and was widely panned, Camus won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956 for his novel The Fall.

According to Camus, who expresses the illogicality of the universe in terms of human beings in his works with the effect of absurdism philosophy – absurd, incompatibility, the universe is incompatible and absurd for human beings. Man perishes with death in the random universe. These two paths are incompatible for the man who must choose between killing himself and hoping beyond the universe. The incompatibility of the unknowable’s hope and the known’s self-denial… In the face of the unknown and helplessness of the universe, however, people should choose life over suicide. Although it appears contradictory that Camus chose life in the face of this situation, Camus’ absurd philosophy was saved from a pessimistic approach with this viewpoint.

Camus’s other works, which are also related to theater and wrote plays at different times, include the novels Plague, Happy Death, and The First Man, which are as well known as Stranger and its sequels, as well as Essays, The Reverse and Face, Wedding, and Letters to a German Friend.

Albert Camus, whose ideas helped shape twentieth-century Western philosophy, died on January 4, 1960, at the age of 46, in a traffic accident in the French town of Villeblevin.

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