What Does Serum Sickness From Antibiotics Mean?

Serum Sickness: What is it?

When serum made from horse and bovine blood started to have negative effects on some people, the condition became known as serum sickness. Serum sickness can be brought on by the interaction of the antigens and antibodies in the serum. In situations like gas gangrene, tetanus, diphtheria, and snake bites, these serums are used. However, not every patient who receives serum experiences serum sickness. This disease has a 5% chance of occurring.


Today, serum sickness may happen, particularly if penicillin-containing antibiotics are administered intravenously to the body. Additionally, medications used to stop smoking have been examined for these reactions. Due to this, patients receiving treatment to overcome such addictions should disclose to their doctor in advance of the procedure if they have any allergies to other active substances, especially those belonging to the penicillin family. These days, penicillin-based antibiotics administered intravenously to the body cause serum sickness within 10 days of antibiotic administration.


The disease’s most noticeable symptoms are: excruciating pain in the muscles and joints, itchiness, fever, and skin rashes.


What is Serum Sickness’ Treatment?


Antihistamines are used to treat itching, and aspirin is used to treat pain. Drugs used to treat muscle tension include muscle relaxants. If these medications are unable to relieve the pain and itching, cartisone treatment is initiated. After the drug is stopped, allergic reactions typically go away on their own. Serum sickness can develop into tetanus if it continues. It is advantageous to receive vaccinations at regular intervals because of this. Immunology and Allergy and Child Immunology and Allergy polyclinics deal with this illness.

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