Eşref Kolçak: Who is He?

On January 28, 1927, Eşref Kolçak was born in Erzurum. Harun Kolçakolu, his father, was born in the village of spir Gaziler. His mother is of Russian descent. She goes by Katya. Eşref Kolçak enrolled at the Sultanahmet Art Institute after arriving in Istanbul in 1941. Kolçak, who dropped out of this school, briefly worked in carpentry and shoe repair. In 1945, it made its debut. He transitioned to the movie industry in 1947 by playing a part in the film “Forgive Me Allah.” One of our well-known actors from movies is Eşref Kolçak. The actor Eşref Kolçak, who has appeared in about 180 films and TV shows, is also the father of the singer Harun Kolçak.

Eşref Kolçak Has Received a Few Awards

Goodbye won “Best Supporting Actor” at the 2000 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, and in 2003 it won the Yldrm Nal Memorial Award.

A few films and TV shows with Eşref Kolçak

Five Minarets in New York in 2010: The Euphrates’ Grandfather

2011 – Mr. Mazhar is being watched

2007; Nezih; Lie World

My Passion for You (2006) – Honor

Salim Bey’s Promise to the Fiancee appeared in Lambs with Henna in 2006.

Zeynep and Mr. Seyfi in 2005

Depictions of a Lonely Time, 2004

Lost Loves (2004)

Relic – Ethem Colonel (2004)

Time for Rain, Sadik (2004)

Anakkale: The Last Fortress, 2003

Beyond Hopes, 2003

Kinali Kar, Hulusi, 2002

Green Light, 2001

Love Thief from 2000

Trees Die Standing in 2000

1999: Celal bids farewell.

1999 – Saturated

Forgive Us, Teacher (1998)

Intizar in 1997

1997 – A Hope

Flower of Sadness, 1996

False Worlds, 1995

Storm Murat’s Cicek Taxi from 1995

Bleeding Wound, Bosnian Blue Darkness, 1994

Come to Dreams from 1993

1993’s Akbar appeared in Berlin.

1993: The Best Year

Man in a Glass, 1962

1962: Love Is Waiting

Nevermind Doctor, 1962

The Five Brothers, from 1962

Lead Rain in 1962

Brothers in Arms from 1962

Orhan was a matchmaker in 1962.

When Hopes Are Broken, Nejat, 1962

1961 – Erol’s Wedding Procession

1961: The Unstoppable Destiny

Driver in 1961 Oh my god, Ahmet

Ayşecik Devil Hammer, 1960

Night Owl – Ali, 1960

For Honor – Ashraf, 1960

Falcon of the Mountains, 1959 Efe Yörük

Sacrifice My Life For You, from 1959

Zeynebim’s 1959 song “Unforgettable Love”

Civan Ali, 1958

Company, 1958

Lullaby to the Unlucky Orphan, 1958

Forgive Me, Oh My God, from 1953

1949 – A Compassionate Mother

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