Kadir Inanır who is ?

Son dakika | Kadir İnanır'dan üzücü haber! Sağlık durumu ile ilgili yeni açıklama... Kadir İnanır'ın felç kalma ihtimali mi var? - Son Dakika Magazin Haberleri
On April 15, 1949, Kadir Inanır was born in Fatsa, Ordu. Mehmet is the name of his father, and Rukiye is the name of his mother. Kadir Nanr, who was the last child of a large family to be born, has always had a passion for acting. He demonstrated his acting talent by participating in various school productions while he was a student in Fatsa’s primary and secondary schools. Following graduation from Istanbul Haydarpaşa High School, Nanr received a degree in radio-television from Marmara University’s Faculty of Communication. He advanced to the finals of the 1967 Ses Magazine “Cinema Artist Contest” and took first place in the 1968 Hide-and-Seek Newspaper “Photo-novel Artist Contest.” “After the Last Seven Steps” is Kadir Nanr’s debut movie. After participating in this film, he quickly transitioned into playing the leading roles. Inanr, who has appeared in about 180 films overall, also found time to appear in 7 television series. The well-known actor’s “Marziye” television series had the longest runtime. The master artist has won numerous accolades. Kadir “nanr” is a famous person who is recognized for both his work as a director and his acting in movies.

Several films starring Kadir Nanr


My Beleaguered Heart – (1968)


After seven steps: (1968)


Broken Heart – (1969)


Insane Hell (1969)


The song Eagle of the Mountains (1970)


Bullies: Four (1970)


A Small Number of Turks in Yemen (1970)


At the sound of the lions (1971)


The Grim Reaper’s Five Horsemen (1971)


velour pouch (1971)


The Black Day (1971)


Three Companions (1971)


Rebellious Teens (1972)


The Reversal (1972)


Majnun and Leyla – (1972)


Love of Paprika Brutal (1972)


Tophane Murat – (1972)


Shame – (1972)


Shoot – (1972)


Intolerant – (1972)


Turkish Express – (1973)


The Ezo Bride (1973)


If Life Were a Vacation (1973)


Hump ​​- (1973)


Wild – (1973)


The Return of the Soldier – (1974)


The Stranger (1974)


Brothers Awake (1974)


Shame About Tomorrow (1974)


the sister-in-law (1975)


a bridge (1975)


flaming rain (1976)


Judge in Bodrum – (1976)


The Life Market (1976)


Taxi Operator – (1976)


Two irate men (1976)


the journalist (1979)


Ah, lovely Istanbul (1981)


The Emperor (1984)


Summer Has Ended (1985)


Serpents’ Retaliation – (1985)


The Sun’s Bridge (1986)


Ward Ahmet Kaptan, number 72 (1987)


Mules – (1987)


The seven sleeping people (1988)


Our Fight (1989) (1989)


Medieval Scenery – (1989)


Sons of Eskici (1990)


the Tatar Ramadan (1990)


My Warden, oh my! (1991)


I’ll Be a Cheat – (1991)


Tatar Ramazan is a refugee (1992)


Death Is Colder Than Love (1994)


Shakespeare, Komser (2000)


Incomplete letters (2002)


Farewell, Katya (2012)


Some Kadir Nanr-starring TV Shows


the prosecutor (1992)


– Marziye (1998 – 2000)


shattered mirror (2002 – 2003)


Each of My Children (2004)


Punishment Path – (2006)


Best of luck to you (2006)


The North Wind (2007)


the Ipsiz Recep (2008 – 2009)


The Zmir Gang (2011).

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