Levent Kırca: who is he?

On September 28, 1948, Zeki Levent Kırca was born in Samsun. He’s got four kids. With Oya Başar, the master artist was twice married and divorced. From his union with Oya Başar, Kırca had a son and a daughter. Kırca is a stage and screen actor. In 1964, Levent Krca made his stage debut at the Ankara State Theater. He performed in the Folk Actors, Ankara Birlik Sahnesi, and the Kırca Maltepe Comedy Theatre. With the 1978 film Altnşehir, he entered the cinema world for the first time. What Will Happen Now? and Mavi Muammer are two movies in which he has appeared. A Turkish comedian who doubles as a director is well known. The most notable of Levent Krca’s television projects was the roughly 20-year-old series “It’s Gonna Be That Much,” which caught our attention. In addition to “Nasreddin Hodja Game Train,” how should this game be played? He has created numerous television shows, including etc. He almost permanently etched his name in the memories with the unforgettable characters he created for this program. Together with his then-wife Oya Başar, Krca, who founded the theater company known as the Hodri Meydan Group, performed the plays Beauty and the Beast, Les Misérables, Üç Baba Hasan, and Kadncklar. With the film “Son,” Levent Krca made his cinematic directorial debut. Later, he was in charge of directing “Where is the Devil in This.” In 1998, he was awarded the title of State Artist. He was granted this title back in April 2015. He is one of the artists whose sculpture can be found in Saint Petersburg’s Museum of Candle Sculptures. In 2011, my wife’s comedy series “Contrabass,” in which she also appeared, saw Levent Krca make his acting debut. The reason the show only lasted four episodes was that it could not garner a rating. On March 1st, 2011, he began writing a column for the Aydnlk Newspaper.

Several Plays in Theater

The Falling Place of the Fire, How to Play the Game, Women, Miserables, Taurus Monster Hasan, the Beast, and the Three Fathers


My wife said and played a double bass (2011)

The final station (2010)

(2004) Actress Aaa Kz

letting go (2004)

In the 2002 film Where Is The Devil In This, actor and director

Son, an actor, writer, and director, debuted in 2001.

You’ll pass out laughing – (2000)

Mavi Muammer, an actress from 1985

Actress in What Will Happen Now (1979)

Gold City Stone Land – (1978).

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