Server Tanilli: Who is she?

In 1980, the 1931-born author Server Tanilli taught History of Civilization at the State Applied Fine Arts School and the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University. He did not keep the lower half of the body after being terrorized in 1978. He was employed by the French university in Strasbourg.

In 2000, he returned to Turkey and began contributing to the Cumhuriyet newspaper. Universities used the author’s books as textbooks when she taught History of Civilization. For many years, author Server Tanilli, who is very knowledgeable about constitutional law, wrote for the Cumhuriyet newspaper.

The Sertel Democracy Award for 2006 went to Server Tanilli. In 1973, he published History of Civilization, which is now used as a textbook in universities.

additional works by the author;

Constitutional law: An Introduction to the State and Democracy
How Do We Want Our Education?
Six volumes of The Truth and Legacy of the Centuries
Optimism or candide
Synthesis of the Creative Mind: A Philosophy Introduction
Change and revolution dialectics
Ten Years That Changed the World: French Revolution Portraits
Political documents and constitutions
How Do We Want Our Democracy to Look?
Can Islam React to the Modern Era?
Politics and Religion
Voltaire and the Age of Reason
What Does Humanity’s Future Hold?
in our modern Hugo, Victor

He battled his illness until his death in 2011 at the age of 80. At Istanbul Medical Faculty, he received treatment. He got a fever from the infection of the wounds on his body and had to get graft surgery. After the procedure, he was taken home where he passed away.

Server Tanilli, who is renowned as a teacher of civilization and democracy, has spent his entire life conducting studies in support of democracy and civilization. One of Turkey’s few democrats, Tanilli keeps up with every environment he enters in terms of his thoughts.

His book, History of Civilization, was read as a textbook and used as a guide for the younger generation. It was presented as a lecture in universities. Due to the terrorist attack he witnessed when he was a young man, he accomplished many of his goals despite not having a lower body.

The 1980s were influenced by author Server Tanilli, who also mentored and had an impact on the generation’s youth. The books he deals with in the field of democracy and civilization are still offered for sale in bookstores. The History of Civilization is still used in classrooms today.

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