Sunay Akin: Who is ?

Sunay Akin, a poet, journalist, author, theater actor, and researcher, was born on September 12, 1962, in Trabzon. His family relocated to Istanbul so he could attend Haydarpaşa High School to finish his high school education. He received his degree from Istanbul University’s Physical Geography Department.

When the poet was nine years old, he created his first poem, adapting it to the initials of the officer’s daughter who was then employed by the Meteorology Directorate. Her first poem, however, was lost because the girl did not receive it.

In 1984, he published his first poem. He published his first collection of poetry in 1989 under the pen name Makiler. He and his friends published Yeni Yaprak magazine that same year. He released Olmaz Magazine in 1990. With his poem Semi-Comma, he took home the Halil Kocagöz Poetry Award in 1987.

His poems, which were produced quickly and spontaneously, are influenced by writers like Orhan Veli. He attracted attention in poetry by skillfully incorporating elements from particularly excellent satires. Poet Sunay Akn’s interest in children and melancholy was reflected in his use of language games to convey a cynical attitude.

At Marmara University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Sunay Akn lectured. He both took private lessons and taught at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. He began performing one-man plays while he was still in the learning process. It has captured the interest of everyone in the nation and abroad with its single-player games. Sunay Bey History, his solo exhibition, is still on view.
With toys he had gathered from all over the world, he opened Turkey’s first toy museum in 2005. Istanbul Göztepe is home to the toy museum, which was a 2010 finalist for the European Museum of the Year Award.

Author, a CNN Türk and TRT 2 television programmer, has also hosted art programs. On ATV screens, he continues to host the show Yaşamdan Minutes with Hncal Uluç, Haşmet Babaolu, and Nebil zgentürk. It airs the “Deyince Life” program on the SkyTurk360 channel on Saturdays.
He continues to live through his poetry, writings, and books and is one of the well-known figures on television.

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