What are the Negative Effects of Smartphones?

Of course, how we spend our time is crucial. It would be appropriate to talk about smartphones, which have both positive and negative effects on our lives, when it comes to our health and this priceless time.
Computer, newspaper, radio, camera, bank card, etc. were once commonplace. Smart phones, which have all these features at once and have replaced the time when we had to use things separately, continue to advance daily, assisting us with everything from shopping to locating our destination.
We can talk about the advantages of smartphones for a very long time, but they can easily harm our health by consuming the majority of our time. To comprehend the gravity of the harm caused by smartphones today, one only needs to look at research like this; “The International Telecommunication Union reported nearly 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions as of the end of 2011. That represents 86 of every 100 people on the planet.” Technology advancements are causing this number to rise steadily.

Let’s now list the negative effects that smartphones can have on people:

1. It is a known fact that smartphones cause traffic accidents. This poses a serious issue for both drivers and pedestrians.

2. Smartphones pose risks to the health of the eyes. The eyes are seriously damaged by prolonged screen staring and excessive screen brightness.

3. Radio wave exposure to the body. The human brain is negatively affected by extended phone conversations. Because of this, you ought to purchase a phone with a low SAR value. (EVIL: Specific absorption rates are used to define exposure levels to radio waves from mobile phones. Watts per kilogram (w/kg) or mikiwatts per gram are the units of measurement. Please take note that phone vendors can provide SAR.

4. Children are more affected by smartphones. Being exposed to radio waves for an extended period of time is uncomfortable. Additionally, it may cause school-age children to miss class.

5. Pacemakers cause the electrical systems in airplanes and hospitals to operate erratically.

6. It’s important to remember that phones in particular are contaminated with bacteria. Let’s examine the subsequent studies to gain a better understanding of the situation; Students at Columbia University’s Environmental Health course tried to determine what types of microbes exist in cell phones. The phones were found to be contaminated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus while defending 60 student phone samples (MRSA).
The course was instructed by Dr., the dean of Columbia University’s School of Health. According to Robert J. Wolff, MRSA strains are even more dangerous because they are difficult to eradicate. Staph aureus is always dangerous.

7. Sociological issues arise when people use their smartphones more frequently. In addition to fostering more interpersonal interaction, phones also prevent the emergence of socially isolated individuals and limit the amount of time that people spend together.

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