How Do the First Puberty Phases Start?

From the moment of birth, the baby is constantly changing and developing. In 0 to 6 months, it grows very quickly. Later stages of growth occasionally change. The process of stepping out of infancy and childhood begins for the baby when it is 2 years old. Every baby may experience this at a different time. Once they reach the age of 1.5 years, some babies may go through the growing pains of childhood. The first adolescence period is typically defined as the time between 1.5 and 3.5 years. It is not an easy process. The parents are also struggling during this time, in addition to the child.

When a baby is two years old, he is no longer receiving his mother’s milk, many of his teeth have come in, and he has a sufficient vocabulary to express his problems within the confines of his own language development. The baby is now able to understand what is being said to him and is able to walk, run, climb, and jump. However, just as the parents begin to unwind from this stage, another one begins. Parents and children are engaged in a psychological conflict this time. At the age of two, significant changes start. So what are these modifications?

A 2 Year Old Baby’s Changes
1- Obscurity
2. Avoid staying up late at night 3. Skip meals
4- Irritation
5. Angry
Crying crises are also quite typical along with these. The infant wants to cry his way through everything. If his wishes are not carried out, he might hurt himself, his parents, his toys, and his possessions.

How should parents handle their kids at this time?
They need to be patient and accept that the baby is beginning to grow first. He is now a child, no longer a baby. Reaching out to children on their level rather than talking down to them is the healthiest way to interact with them. It is necessary to behave admirably. The adults with whom the child lives serve as his biggest role models. There is no question that rudeness, violence, and foul language should be avoided.

Punishments that are severe enough to cause permanent harm. It is essential to communicate with the child and teach them the difference between right and wrong. Instead of punishing, praise should be given; this will produce more positive outcomes than approaching the situation from both the perspective of a senior and a friend. Spending a lot of time playing games is important for kids. The kid shouldn’t be intransigent. Neither the child nor the family gain from this.

It takes responsibility to raise a child. It requires a lot of work and sacrifice. Not every parent has the training to treat their kids like psychologists, but in circumstances that cannot be resolved by a generation living in the information age, the needed information can be easily accessed. Consequently, it will be simpler to get through these trying times.

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