The First Man’s Land birthplace: Ethiopia

It is a nation that lies within the boundaries of the world’s oldest continent. The African continent is the name of this region. Modern humans are believed to have originated in Africa, from where they are thought to have spread to the rest of the world. This continent is referred to as the birthplace of modern humans even though it is home to some of the most difficult settlements in existence today. Although the precise location of the modern human past, which dates back to 250 000 years ago, is unknown, it is known that it occurred in Africa. The results of the studies have revealed that the first modern humans originated in what is now Ethiopia. In other words, humanity originated in Ethiopia. Ethiopia, which is acknowledged as the origin of the human population, is currently one of the epicenters of misery and a desperate existence, even though 7 billion levels are behind. Actually, Ethiopia is not the only country with this issue. Ethiopia is surrounded by Kenya to the south, Eritrea to the north and northeast, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, and the African Estuary to the west. 200 million people flood these nations when the combined populations of these nations are considered. However, research on the region’s culture and economy indicates that things are very difficult there.


One of the two most populous nations without access to international waters is Ethiopia, which is also one of the most populous nations in the continent of Africa. Despite having a sizable territory, this African nation faces significant economic challenges. The most significant city within Ethiopia’s borders, Addis Ababa, has been designated as the country’s capital. With a population of around five million, this city is a popular destination. Due to its central location, Addis Ababa is therefore practically necessary for Ethiopia. Ethiopia also has a unique history that is not shared by many other African nations.


One of the crucial geographies that the western occupiers of the African continent were unable to obtain was this nation. In other words, Ethiopia stands out from other African nations in this regard because it has never been colonized throughout its history. This nation, where Amharic is the official language under the federal government, has managed to successfully preserve its own language and culture. Within its borders, the population is divided into two thirds Christians and one third Muslims. With a population of about 102 million, Ethiopia is one of the most populous nations in the world. Contrarily, this state, one of the most populous nations in the world, is extremely underdeveloped economically. The most serious issue facing the nation is poverty. Ethiopia’s annual per capita income has been estimated at $861 US, taking into account the per capita income.


from Ethiopia


There won’t be any problems if you want to travel from Turkey. In the area, Turkish Airlines runs regular flights. Depending on the sailing route, the average travel time ranges from 5 to 7 hours. The region, along with the issues brought on by poverty, is home to some of the countries where ‘aids’ cases are prevalent. In this regard, treat your body with the utmost care. AIDS can spread to you if a mosquito that bites a person with the disease also bites you. Therefore, you must exercise extreme caution.

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