A MiG-29 fighter jet is what kind of aircraft?

Mikoyan MiG-29 - Vikipedi

RSK MIG and Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association Joint Stock Company manufacture MiG-29 fighter aircraft. It took off for the first time in October 1977, and it went into operation in 1983.

Its goal is to eliminate all hostile air and ground forces that come within the radar’s range.

The MiG-29’s wide wings give it excellent control and high maneuverability at supersonic speeds.

The MiG-29M2, a top model with a two-seat cockpit, flew for the first time in 2001.

The MiG-29 fighter jet has been sold in approximately 1600 units worldwide, with 600 units going to Russia. The aforementioned nations are:
Weapons of the MiG-29 are in the following countries: Ukraine (220 units), India (69 units), Uzbekistan (60 units), Belarus (41 units), North Korea and Kazakhstan (40 units), Poland (36 units), Algeria (35 units), Iran (25 units), Turkmenistan (24), Germany and Slovakia (23), Hungary (21), Peru and Yemen (19), Bulgaria (18), Malaysia (16), Romania (15), Sudan (12), Myanmar (10 units), Bangladesh (8 units), Eritrea (7 units), Cuba (4 units) (3 units)

Seven external weapons are included with the MiG-29 fighter aircraft. It is capable of transporting the following weapons: two R-27 air-to-air medium-range missiles, six R-73 and R-60 air-to-air short-range missiles, S-5, S-8, and S-24 unguided rockets in all four compartments, and 30 mm aerial bombs with 150 rounds of ammo.

The Vympel State Engineering Design Bureau in Moscow makes the R-27 medium-range air-to-air missile. The maximum vertical separation between the aircraft and the target is 10 km, and the missile is capable of intercepting targets at altitudes between 0.02-27 km at speeds up to 3,500 km/h.

The Vympel R-73 is a versatile short-range air-to-air missile that goes by the NATO code name AA-11 Archer. The missile can move at a speed of 2,500 km/h between 0.002 and 20 km in the infrared spectrum without being detected.
A short-range air-to-air targeted missile with a high degree of maneuverability in relation to its high speed is the Vympel R-60 (Nato code name AA-8 Aphid). targeting techniques

The aircraft is outfitted with an information and fire control system that consists of a target designator mounted on the helmet, an infrared search and tracking sensor, a laser rangefinder, and the N-019 radar developed by the Phazotron Research and Production Company, Moscow.
For longer-range air combat, the MiG-29 makes use of the R-27 missile’s radar capabilities.
The Thales TopSight-E helmet is worn by pilots. Additionally, it integrates a navigation system, ejection seats, and weapon delivery. The pilot also receives GPS and TOTEM 3000 Inertial Navigation data from Thales. MiG-29 motors

There are two RD-33 turbofan engines in the MiG-29. The first aircraft in the world with dual-mode air intakes is the MiG-29 fighter jet. The air inlets close as the vehicle descends, protecting the engine from damage from foreign objects. This is very significant when the track is in bad shape. Engines can travel at a top speed of 2,400 km/h when in the air, 1,500 km/h when close to the ground, and have a service ceiling of 18,000 m. At altitude, the maximum range is 1,500 km, and it is 700 km close to the ground. The MIG-29 Fulcrum’s capabilities

The MiG-29 is capable of 330 m/s of flight. The aircraft’s top and cruising speeds are 2,400 km/h and 1500 km/h, respectively. The ferry has a 2,100 km range. The range and service ceiling are, respectively, 1,430 km and 18,000 m. The aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight is 18,000 kg, and its weight is 11,000 kg.

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