Can Every Paralyzed Heal?

Living with Paraplegia: Recovery, Treatments, Exercises, and More

Unfortunately, it is not possible for every paralyzed patient to regain his health. Because the way the stroke occurs and the damage to the body differs for each patient. It is very difficult to treat strokes originating from the brain and cerebellum. Spine fractures, paralysis due to any accident or gait disorders due to various deformations in the body, such as gait disturbance, improve during the treatment of paralysis and good results can be obtained. However, whether the vertebrae in the body fractures or the deformed region of our body stand mutually and whether the nerves in the spinal cord form an integrity are important factors in the treatment of paralysis. If the paralyzed patient has trouble walking and the nerve endings passing through the vertebrae of the paralyzed patient create integrity, the treatment can yield very successful results even if there is little sensation in the toes of the paralyzed patient.

Physical therapy is usually applied to paralyzed patients. In the treatment of paralyzed patients who have problems with walking, which is planned for at least 30-35 days, if the condition of connective tissue or bone damage is detected, physical therapy and ozone treatments are generally used by the specialist doctor. In recent days, acupuncture application, which is one of the remedies brought by alternative medicine, is also used. Acupuncture is applied to the acupuncture points on the body of paralyzed patients. In this way, the muscles are stimulated. Thanks to the acupuncture application, muscle work is provided and it stimulates the muscles that have not been used for a long time and have not been active. In this way, acupuncture treatment can be applied to reduce the pain in the bones. With physical therapy, it keeps the spine under control and makes it smooth and proper functioning is ensured.

In the ozone therapy method applied to paralyzed patients, the integrity of our organism is improved by feeding muscle and bone cells and increasing the immune system. In physical therapy, the nerve and muscle tissues of paralyzed patients are stimulated by interrupted electric current and ultrasonic sound waves. Joint wounds may occur in paralyzed patients while performing ultrasonography. If help is obtained from herbal ointments and pomades in the healing of these wounds, these wounds can be prevented. With the devices that provide nonionic and electromagnetic treatments and the techniques developed, the loss of balance in the posture of the patients is restructured and their standing posture is facilitated. As a result, people who have difficulty walking may have the chance to walk again.

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