Describe eSports.

eSports is the acronym for “Electronics – Sports”. In 1980, the “Atari” tournament for the video game “Space Invaders” gave the phrase its first global exposure. Then, as PC gaming grew in popularity and multiplayer games on the “Local Network” developed, the tournaments changed and managed to garner attention thanks to the prizes given.

Games that E-Sports Cover;



Leauge of Legends

– World of Tanks

-The Call of Duty





characteristics that set eSports games apart from other games;

-Include the participants in the combative setting.
– The ability to think critically, think quickly, think creatively, think strategically, apply what is learned, and build a team.

-Having a worldwide network
-Using a system for selecting random opponents
-The game is unique from other games due to elements like the story’s recurrence and the lack of a conclusion.

What is the eSports climate like in Turkey?

The eSports culture, which has taken hold across the globe, has gradually begun to show more interest in our nation and gained Turkey as a follower. One of the initiatives that laid the groundwork for eSports in Turkey was the planning of the World Cyber Games qualifiers in our nation. Then, as a result of Riot Games’ investments in our nation, fans there have transitioned from being followers to being active participants. The major sports clubs have first organized their teams and begun competing in tournaments, first in their own country and then internationally. This comes after the clubs within the universities.

The three sports clubs in the foreground—Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, and Galatasaray—have established esports teams and prepare athletes for international competitions. In addition to these clubs, groups have formed their own teams, including Dark Passage, Space Soldiers, Hardware Arena Gaming (HWA), Oyun Hizmetleri, and Supermassive. As a result, sponsor companies are increasing their investments in this sector in our nation. Some of these sponsors include Intel, Red Bull, Twitch, and Ulker.


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